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18 Feb 2012, 18:26
Cade Cyphers (1 post)

I have constructed the entire project, and downloaded the example code for it. I dragged the .pdf file to the Arduino window and it was copied on. When I tried to compile it, it gave me this error message: “‘Bounce’ does not name a type.” I knew that I was supposed to drag in a .h file as well, but I couldn’t find one. Could you tell me where the .h file would be? Thanks! Your book was really fun.

19 Feb 2012, 07:58
Maik Schmidt (120 posts)

Hi Cade!

Instead of dragging the files to the IDE use the IDE’s regular open dialog. Go to the project folder and open the .pde file. The IDE will open the other files in the project folder automatically for you.

Cheers, Maik

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