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14 Aug 2013, 08:02
glenn smith (1 post)

Enjoying your book very much. I’ve been meaning to do some breadboarding for the longest time, and being able to do it nowadays with a microprocessor is even better.

Anyway… the first problem I’ve encountered is with the binary dice exercise, p52.

line 12 is it a binary number produced by output_result(result)???

lines 19-21 okay… digitalWrite() will turn on or turn off the LEDs for BIT0, BIT1, BIT2, the binary placeholders unfortunately, i don’t get the Boolean math part ‘result & Bnnn’ if line12 produces result = 5 then BIT0 = 1 ON BIT1 = 0 OFF BIT2 = 1 ON sorry to be dense. how does ‘result & Bnn’ produce this result? Thanks again for the fun book