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17 Aug 2013, 00:15
Wang lei (2 posts)

i am fully appreciated your work about this nice book. at the end of this chapter “Bounce start_button(START_BUTTON_PIN,DEBOUNCE_DELAY);I want to konw “START_BUTTON_PIN,DEBOUNCE_DELAY” are working for? thank for your reply.

17 Aug 2013, 10:31
Maik Schmidt (122 posts)

Hi Wang!

You can find a complete reference of the Bounce library online.

The declaration Bounce start_button(START_BUTTON_PIN, DEBOUNCE_DELAY) defines a new object of the Bounce class named start_button. Every button has to be connected to the Arduino using a digital pin and START_BUTTON_PIN defines the pin the start button is connected to. In this case its pin 5.

DEBOUNCE_DELAY defines the button’s debounce delay in milliseconds. In this case it’s 20 milliseconds, that is during this period of time the Bounce library will ignore all button activity.

Hope this helps!


23 Aug 2013, 09:08
Wang lei (2 posts)

thank for your kind reply , it is really helpful for me .

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