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26 May 2010, 16:18
Marc Stock (1 post)

I was just reading an excerpt from one of your chapters and I have a concern regarding performing the tasks as described:

The example code expects you to write to the serial port. However, most computers today don’t even have serial ports anymore (especially laptops). Is there any way to do this programming over USB and, if so, will you provide the code to show how to do that?


– Marc

26 May 2010, 17:56
Tero Koskinen (1 post)

Programming and communication with Arduino is done over USB. Arduino is neat little device family and you can find more info about it from

In fact, I think if you want normal serial port interface for Arduino, you need to assemble the device yourself.


03 Jun 2010, 22:12
Kyle Bowerman (1 post)


I have my arduino with two tmp36 temperature sensors nicely writing to the serial port (ttyusb0) . I have the arduino connected to a pc104 computer running ubuntu. I read the chapter on serial ports and it sounds like all you need is to connect the ground and swap the tx and rx pins. So I did this to my pc104’s RS232 ports. I can tell it is printing on the screen because see my delay then a bunch of junk then the delay again. My first thought was yippie I just have the baud_rate mix matched but I triple check that. Seeing that they sell and RS232 converter makes me think that it is not so simple as to just cross the tx and rx. Can you confirm this?

Maik this is a great start! I look forward to reading the rest when it is completed. I am very please to find this on Pragmatic. Awesome publisher. I took a ruby class a few years ago and have become a Pragmatic devotee.

Thanks Kyle

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