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27 May 2010, 23:24
jens titerness (1 post)

Is there any kit that you can recommend that would go along with this book well? I’ve been eyeballing a few kits lately to get into arduino, and I’d like to get one that would work well with this.

31 May 2010, 18:45
Maik Schmidt (120 posts)

Hi Jens!

There is not kit available that contains all parts you need, but maybe the following excerpt from the book is helpful:

Many online shops sell Arduino components and electronic parts. Some of the best are Makershed ( and Adafruit ( They have awesome starter packs, and I strongly recommend buying one of these.

The best and cheapest solution is to buy the Arduino Projects Pack from (product code MSAPK). It contains nearly all the parts you need to build the book’s examples, and many more useful parts that you can use for your own side projects. If you buy the Arduino Projects Pack, you’ll need to buy these additional parts separately:

• Parallax PING))) sensor • TMP36 temperature sensor from Analog devices • ADXL335 accelerometer breakout board • 6 pin 0.1” standard header • Nintendo Nunchuk controller

Alternatively, Adafruit ( also sells an Arduino Starter Pack. It’s cheaper, but it doesn’t contain as many parts. For example, it doesn’t have enough LEDs, it has no Piezo speaker, no half-size bread- board, and no tilt sensor.

Cheers, Maik

09 Jun 2010, 09:17
Pierpaolo BERNARDI (1 post)

Hello Maik,

both the shops you recommend are based in the USA, could you also suggest places in the rest of the world?

Cheers Pierpaolo

09 Jun 2010, 19:02
Maik Schmidt (120 posts)

Hi Pierpaolo!

I will create a new topic only for this purpose. It’d be great if readers would post where they buy their parts locally. I’ll start with some German shops.

Cheers, Maik

12 Jun 2010, 11:08
Tom de Grunt (5 posts)


I’m in the Netherlands and checked this page: Eventually I bought from and got the ARDX kit, which isn’t carrying everything you need. So in the end I just went to makershed and got a project kit from there.

Cheers, Tom.

16 Jun 2010, 08:00
Sean Cusack (1 post)

Hi Maik -

I was reviewing what you said about the Make kit having most of what you need, but I think there are some differences between what you listed above, and the front page of the website for the book. For instance, the Make kit does not include an ethernet shield for the arduino or the passive IR sensor, yet they are omitted in the list above. Are these components needed to build what is in the book?

Also, I’m really having a tricky time finding the TMP36 sensor - it doesn’t appear to be listed on any of the websites you provided in the book website (or maybe it is, but going by a different name…but being a beginner, I can’t really tell). Any chance you could provide a link to one?

Lastly, what exactly is a “standard” header? Is it male? female? 90 degree? etc…I’ve found a lot of them, but I’m not sure which one to get. Again, this could be obvious to someone who has built before, but given I am pretty much starting from zero, I don’t really have any idea what you mean by this.

16 Jun 2010, 09:13
Maik Schmidt (120 posts)

Hi Sean!

Getting parts can be really tricky sometimes and I have tried to use only parts that are more or less easy to get. Still the parts list is not complete and I am still trying to find some more permanent links and resources.

In the Parts chapter I have tried to list all parts that are not included in the Makershed’s or Adafruit’s Arduino kits, so you have to buy them separately. A good source for the TMP36 sensor is the Adafruit shop ( There you can also get the standard header together with the ADXL335. There is a nice photo of it at

Cheers, Maik

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