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18 Jan 2011, 15:41
Steven Guitar (4 posts)

I went over to makershed to pick up the passive infared sensor, using the code provieded in the book (MKPX6). the product could not be found.

did i get the wrong product number? can i find it at another store in the US? ive tried searching by name and am not having much luck.

18 Jan 2011, 15:42
Steven Guitar (4 posts)

actually, searching by PIR at radioshack may have turned one up…

18 Jan 2011, 16:31
Maik Schmidt (120 posts)

Hi Steven!

Thank you very much for pointing this out! It seems that makershed no longer sells the PIR sensor.

Alternatively, you can get it from one of the following shops:

Cheers Maik

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