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25 Sep 2013, 19:20
Jason Barrett (1 post)

Why is this changed? I’m currently on page 39 and it states @interface Notifying Class: NSObject. Now it says @implementation NotifyingClass. I’m using version 5 of xCode.

20 Nov 2013, 02:44
Jeff Forte (2 posts)

I’ll take a stab at it …

From what I’m learning … The @interface is where you define the class and put its attributes and messages to respond to … these usually go in the .h (header) file between the @interface and @end.

The @implemenation is where you put the methods which go in the .m (implementation file).

@interface «nameOfClass» : «nameOfClassToInheritFrom» { «attribute information» } «list of messages responded to» @end

Page 47

Some of the book doesn’t seem to work in XCode 5 - maybe there will be an update sometime?