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20 Dec 2009, 18:45 (1 post)

Looking to getting a Mac machine for application development. What will you consider acceptable minimum spec for such a machine. Ruby, Ruby on Rails, app development for the iphone platform are areas of interest.

20 Dec 2009, 21:23
Tim Isted (105 posts)

You don’t need a particularly powerful Mac for software development. Any of the current lineup of Macs will run Xcode and the developer tools, including the Mac Mini.

It’s actually a good idea to build and test your software on a lower-level Mac rather than the latest 8-core Mac Pro; if it runs ok on the dev machine, it will scream along on a high-end Mac.

If you’re looking at using an older Mac, at the very least you’ll need one with an Intel processor in order to run the iPhone sdk. Any Mac running Snow Leopard and Xcode 3.2 would be the best bet in an ideal world.

Ruby and Rails have been included with Mac OS X since 10.5 Leopard, so you’ll be covered for those too.

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