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28 Jan 2010, 10:55
Paul Jacobson (1 post)

It might be worth clarifying the text on pg 117 regarding dereferencing pointers. The section

“To change the value of a variable when we have a pointer to that variable, we need to dereference the pointer—this all sounds pretty complicated but it’s really quite simple. We use the “asterisk” symbol again (remember to “follow the pointing star?”) and set its value just like any other variable. …. By prepending an asterisk to the front of a pointer, we can access the variable to which it points.”

This is cool if you already know what is going on but as a beginner (previous experience was learning a little pascal in 1986) I had to look for other resources to make sense of this section. I felt there were too many words wasted on telling me how simple it was and far too few on actually explaining dereferencing.

“Pointer Fun with Binky” ( came to the rescue in the end and I now understand what is intended but I still think the section isn’t very well explained.

This has been the only thing I’ve felt was unclear so far - otherwise the book is great resource.

cheers Paul