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04 Mar 2010, 07:56
Robert Audi (3 posts)

Hello, I am a PHP developper, and I also programmed in Java for a while. I wanted to know one thing: the description of the book says that it doesn’t require any prior programming experience, does that mean that key C concepts are also explained in the book (ie: pointers) or I should be familiar with those concepts (and familiar with C programming in general) to read the book?

11 Mar 2010, 19:56
Tim Isted (105 posts)

Sorry Robert for not replying sooner; I didn’t see the post appear in my feeds.

The book does explain key C concepts such as pointers. It assumes no prior familiarity with C (or with any other programming/languages etc).

Rather than starting by learning the C language in abstraction, or building command line tools, the book teaches C and Objective-C at the same time as working with Cocoa and Mac user-interface software development. As an example, Looping and Branching aren’t described until later chapters, when they are taught within situations in which they might be used in real Mac applications (such as traversing collections of information, or needing to ask the user to confirm something).