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18 Mar 2010, 13:06
David Morgan (1 post)

I am looking to dive in and learn what it takes to develop Iphone and soon (ipad) applications. I come from a web background which also requires me to know some development basics working with javascript , some coldfusion driven apps etc.

I see you offer numerous courses relating to technologies used in creating iphone apps as well as classes specifically about it. I would really like some advise no which path or order of classes would be best followed?

Should I start here to learn programming basics I will use in Iphone? or could I pick them up going straight to your iphone guides? I am interested in both books and videos so if you could please direct me through the order in which you think would best serve my goals. Thanks so much!


25 Aug 2010, 21:08
Joost Saanen (6 posts)

I have the same question, although I think this book is excellent to start when you want to develop iphone/ipad apps. I was wondering which book is suggested to read next. Anyone have a suggestion?

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