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22 Mar 2010, 00:42
Adam Bell (2 posts)

I’m on my second pass now, having screwed up at the point of needing the window after modifying the NotifyClass.m and NotifyClass.h files so I could shrink the text field and not knowing how to get it back (Build and Go doesn’t do it with the modified files).

I now notice that the new window just created has the title “Window” instead of TextApp. How do I fix that?

24 Mar 2010, 09:43
Tim Isted (105 posts)

Hi Adam, I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’ve done to this point, but if you’ve had to create a window from scratch, you can change the Title of that window using the Attributes Inspector for the window object in Interface Builder. Tim

08 Apr 2010, 06:53
lehua768 (2 posts)

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