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26 Apr 2010, 00:04
Michael Ventarola (1 post)

Im on page 57 and the instructions say I should right click the blue cube (Notifying Class) and I will see the heading Received Actions. I do not see that. I only see referenced outlets.

Any help please. Mike

27 Apr 2010, 09:34
Tim Isted (105 posts)

This appears to be the same problem as this previous forum post:

I’m wondering either whether something has changed, or whether there is an instruction missing in the text; I’ll take a look through it again later today.

You should not need to tell Interface Builder to “read the class file” as described in that other thread; that is legacy behavior from earlier Developer Tools versions. You will, however, need to save the NotifyingClass.h file in Xcode before switching to Interface Builder, as suggested by Bayard Webb (and obviously double check you have @IBAction@ on the method signature).