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28 Apr 2010, 05:23
Lachlan Scott (16 posts)

Could someone please advise me on the correct form, or at least a reasonable form for attribute names that contain abbreviations.

I am currently working with medical Read Codes which in the source data list are named read_id, active_indicator, read_code, term_description, icd_id, icd_cm_id, and accident_indicator. Clearly the long words should be something like activeIndicator etc. but f I follow Apple’s style guide, the abbreviated names would be called ‘readId’ and ‘icdCmId’ which is unreadable, and which I’m quite sure I’ll get wrong in Interface Builder!

07 Nov 2011, 07:54
Stephen Bolton (4 posts)

You can always include the underscores in the name its not completely Apple conventional but it still works. Another idea, the long names in this case might be helpful, but typing them could be annoying. When you first create the project save the names to strings that way when you are typing Xcode auto completes the words for you. A cool tip that I actually learned from this book Thanks Tim!

Hope that helps