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18 Dec 2010, 04:56
Andrew Gibbs (1 post)

I am at the “introducing if and else” section, and have the code written down and the IBAction and IBOutlets connected in Interface Builder. However, when I run the program and click the “generate text” button, there isn’t any text generated.

Any ideas?

18 Dec 2010, 11:04
Tim Isted (105 posts)

Have you definitely saved the Interface Builder xib file after making the connections, and before building the app? Assuming you made the connections during the previous chapter, was text being displayed in the text view during that chapter before you moved to the Shopping List app?

If the connections are showing as connected in Interface Builder, it’s hard to know what to suggest without seeing the project. Is anything showing up in Xcode’s Console (Shift-Command-R)?

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