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28 Dec 2010, 19:20
Scott Boyer (2 posts)

I’ve already fixed this problem, but I’m curious if I messed up or it’s just xcode being wonky.

I’m in Chapter 6, pg 97, and creating the pointer *textField. Then I go back to IB to connect textField to the actual field in the window. However, right-clicking on the Notifying Class object doesn’t show the pointer for textField.

In the implementation file, all looks good there, except that *textField is not green like *textView.

I deleted my “IBOutlet NSTextField *textField;” line and start over. No go. I deleted all my new changes, quit IB and xcode and then relaunched, retyped the new line. No go. I delete the line again, retype it, and NOW it works. Wonky?


29 Dec 2010, 19:14
Tim Isted (105 posts)

I’ve experienced the same thing myself a few times over the last few months, so yes, there may something awry internally in Xcode that causes this (hopefully very intermittent) problem.

A couple of those times I subsequently realized that I’d typed something like @NSTextfield@ instead of @NSTextField@, or @NSTextview@ instead of @NSTextView@ (or even forgotten to include the @IBOutlet@ keyword…), but there have definitely been occasions when the only fix seemed to be to delete all the outlet code, and try again.

Thank you for posting this to the forum - hopefully if other people find the same, they’ll be reassured.

The next time this happens for me I’ll file a bug with Apple’s bug reporter.