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30 Mar 2011, 02:34
Gene Yogodzinski (1 post)

On page 18 I’m directed to open the Library palette from the Tools menu.

I don’t see a Tools menu anywhere.

I’m working with the latest version of XCode (downloaded today), which appears to be different from the version used to produce the figures in the book. Up to page 18 I am able to do what the book describes, but I’m stumped on the Tools menu - don’t see one.

Please help!


07 Nov 2011, 07:40
Stephen Bolton (4 posts)

At the very top right area of Xcode you will see three boxes with shaded rectangles. The first has a rectangle on the right side, the second a rectangle in the middle, and the last has a rectangle on the left side. These open different toolbars/windows. The first opens the group and files, the second opens the debugger, and the third opens the area that you are looking for.

Hope that helps

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