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05 Apr 2011, 10:56
D Oliveira (1 post)

Hello World, yes - I’m new to Mac Programming. Actually, very new to programming in general. I have started reading about it as I ordered a series of books on iPhone Cool Projects. I have some questions that I can’t seem to find the answer for it, so I decided to join you guys, hoping someone would shed some light. I have registered an account with Apple and I have downloaded their programming tools (installed Xcode 4 yesterday). So here are my questions:

  • Are ‘Interface Builder’ and ‘Xcode v4’ two separate environments that can work independently when putting an app together? Or do they need and complete each other?

  • Is it possible(or are there any issues) to have installed an earlier version of Xcode? My books are not for Xcode 4 and I have noticed some major differences in the interface layout from 3 to 4?



11 May 2011, 08:47
borjagb (1 post)

I think is better if you make your questions to the official Apple Forum. Best regards

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