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22 Apr 2011, 16:38
Tim Isted (105 posts)

Although written around Xcode 3, the content in this book works well with the new, major version of Xcode that Apple released last month, Xcode 4. You may find it helpful to browse through a site I’ve created, dedicated to the differences between Xcode 3 and 4 that may affect you:

The site includes a General Overview of the changes, as well as chapter-by-chapter differences to be read alongside the book.

There are no changes in Chapter 1, but I have posted information for Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5. I’ll add chapter 6 onwards when I can.

The information in the posts is mainly screenshots showing what’s different from the figures in the book, and there for if you get stuck. For the most part, it will probably be easy to work out on your own, certainly once you’ve recognized the basic changes in Xcode’s user interface.

01 May 2011, 19:24
Richard (1 post)

Tim, excellent work. Thanks for this, as I’m new to XCode I was struggling with the book at first but now you’ve shown me the differences I’m really start to understand it. Looking forward to the rest of the chapters!

08 Oct 2011, 15:03
Roberto (3 posts)

Tim, thanks for this news.

11 Oct 2011, 09:28
Roberto (3 posts)

I tried to understand the differences, but I do not wish to run the steps to the chapter, and if you make videos, we apologize for the petition