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17 May 2011, 01:06
bb (1 post)

Tested my Cocoa prowess as suggested on p246, by coming up with this code:

  • (BOOL)writeToURL:(NSURL *)aURL atomically:(BOOL)flag { return [mainDictionary writeToURL:aURL atomically:YES]; }

and I get the following error in the log: LookItUp[24804:903] dataOfType:error: is a subclass responsibility but has not been overridden.

I copied this signature from the NSDictionary Class Reference. However, the author’s sample code works even though it doesn’t use the NSDictionary Class Reference writeToURL:atomically signature. I guess I need to subclass the dataofType, like the author’s sample code. I’m confused as to why that wasn’t in the NSDictionary signature, if it is required.

15 Jun 2011, 02:33
jucemm (2 posts)

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