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07 Dec 2012, 20:30
Matthias Günther (7 posts)


I’m right in the middle of writing the next article and I plan to add more tools, links, and information about how you can get started with doing the Pomodoro. Do you have something particular in mind about which I should write more about?

And please give me feedback, what you liked about the article and what can be improved.

Have a nice start in the weekend.

Best wishes,

Matthias Günther

18 Dec 2012, 18:48
Steve McKinney (1 post)

After reading your article I decided to recommit to the Pomodoro Technique. But, for me that just wasn’t possible if it wasn’t integrated into my terminal (zsh, tmux, vim) where I spend most of my time. I’ve tried OS X and iOS timers with little success.

So I decided to create a command-line application with notification and tmux status bar support. Luckily I found an existing gem that got me half way there and decided to add the features I needed. Check it out at: I welcome any feedback or (ehem) spreading the word.

With Pomo you can add, remove, list, view, and start timing tasks all via the command-line with a simple, slick interface. You are reminded of the remaining time on a task via Notification Center, Growl, libnotify, or Quicksilver. These notifications appear half-way, at the 5 minute point, and when the task duration has expired. Also, the Pomo timer can be displayed in your tmux status bar.

19 Dec 2012, 08:39
Matthias Günther (7 posts)

Hi Steve,

first of all thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you like the article and give the Pomodoro Technique a try. I’m nearly done with the next article and the Gem you mentioned was exactly what I was searching for - this is the perfect tool for command-line guys. Will try your it and if it’s fine, I will spread the word about you and the Pomo Gem.

Thank you for mentioning it.

Best wishes


04 Jan 2013, 21:37
Dennis Bachmann (1 post)

Hi Matthias,

Would like to start this post by congratulating you for these articles. They really are helpful for us developers to get to know the technique.

The one thing I missed in January’s article are the links for the tools you provided. For example, I didn’t find anywhere what’s the name of the iOS app that was represented in the article’s picture.

I know it’s late for suggestions, but for emacs users, I found this project really useful.

Keep up with the good work.



16 Jan 2013, 20:46
Matthias Günther (7 posts)

Hi Dennis,

I’m glad you liked the article. Since I’m a Vim user I didn’t try the Emacs plugin mentioned in the article. I take a look at the link you mentioned and it looked better then the plugin I mentioned in the article.

The next article will deal with interruptions. I think it’s a hot topic and I’m curious how you are handling them.

Best wishes,


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