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08 Jan 2013, 20:48
Brian Tarbox (41 posts)

Does Mac have anything like an error log…anyplace??? I’ve been a programmer since ‘81 and Mac is the only OS I’ve found where things either work perfectly with unicorns and kittens or it silently does nothing with zero indication of why.

Case in point: I record a video on my iPhone. I sync my iPhone, I try to play the video on my MacTv (nothing, its not in my list of photos). I try to add the video to my ITunes library thinking that maybe a video ISA movie (even though I imported it into iPhoto), again(nothing).

Nothing fails of course because that would give me a clue what I did wrong (I’ve accepted that in Mac-land all errors are the user’s fault), they just quietly don’t do anything.

If your book can help under this kind of behavior I’ll go buy a copy :-)

14 Jan 2013, 14:37
Keir Thomas (39 posts)

Hi Brian

Apologies but I missed your comment. I check the forums for my books twice a day but have never checked this one!

OS X includes a system log (use Spotlight to find the Console app) but it only records background system messages – similar to the dmesg command. There’s nothing that records things like what OS X considers users errors — things that might be met with an error beep on a PC.

iTunes can be surprisingly unfriendly, especially the new version. If you’ve got Mac Kung Fu 2nd Ed, Tip 8 explains how to magically import things to iTunes.

The best plan for playback via your Apple TV is to enable AirPlay, then start playing the video on your iPhone and select the Apple TV as an output. This can be done by pressing the button on the transport controls, as illustrated in this screenshot I found:

16 Jan 2013, 15:03
Brian Tarbox (41 posts)

Keir, I never thought of using AirPlay…that’s great. With everything being so (mostly) connected its sometimes hard to know which way to approach things.


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