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05 Apr 2013, 12:47
stephen rosen (1 post)

Great article! In an Agile implementation, how do the 2 week iterations account for potential down stream ramifications of changes in an ERP environment?

06 Apr 2013, 14:54
Brian Tarbox (41 posts)

In transitioning a legacy team to agile the issue of estimate vs promise that was raised in the article seems key. I often think that communications difficulties can be helped by reversing a situation.

I wonder if we can help clarify the difference between estimates and promises by asking management for an estimate. “If my team gives you product X by date Y will you give us a specific level bonus?”. Any management I’ve seen will say they can’t promise a specific bonus in the future because there are too many free variables.

To which we say “exactly”.

If instead we say “we believe we have an 80% chance of hitting date Y with feature set Z” might we get them to say “there’s a 75% chance of getting a bonus of D dollars”? As we got closer and closer to the target release date might we get them to reduce the uncertainly of our bonus level as we reduce the uncertainly of the feature set?

I don’t think most management would actually do this but it might help them see our estimates in a new light.

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