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06 Apr 2014, 07:04
Mark Rustad (1 post)

I was surprised to see Autocoder. I haven’t seen any of that in a long time - since high school, really. Of course the past time on 1401’s was to see what you could do with a one-card object program. The 1401’s machine language was nearly mnemonic itself (B for branch, C for compare, A for add, etc.).

Still, the problem with the program given is that it is slow. By printing each card one at a time, you miss the clutch point of the card reader, cutting its speed in half, even though the printer can print faster than the card reader can read. A faster program fills memory with card images and then prints them. Unfortunately, I could never fit such a program onto a single card - I forget if I got it down to 2 or if it was 3 cards. I just know it couldn’t be done in one.

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