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27 Nov 2009, 15:55
Michael Swaine (69 posts)

The December issue is scheduled to go out on Wednesday, December 2.

It includes feature articles on Naked Objects, debugging, screencasting, and breadmaking.

We’re also launching a new tech careers column by Andy Lester, and there will be new installments of other regular features: Dave’s How We Do the Things We Do, Daniel’s Get a Life, Swaine’s World, the Quiz, the Calendar, and John Shade’s Shady Illuminations.

03 Dec 2009, 10:36
Camal Cakar (28 posts)

Awesome issue :D Thanks for this one. John Shade,Andy Lester and Paul Butcher did a great job.

08 Dec 2009, 21:28
Aleksey Palazhchenko (1 post)

Great issue, but calendar doesn’t contains major event – FOSDEM (

22 Dec 2009, 20:59
Miki Tebeka (1 post)

Re:Automating Screencasts

I also see some form of metadata in the code that will aid the screen cast. Maybe add more content, voice content (hope the open source text-to-speech will become better in the future), order, title, OSD and more.

07 Jan 2010, 20:24
Shawn Cheatham (1 post)

Really enjoyed Automating Screencasts by Jason Huggins! What particularly stood out to me was the exponential possibilities this technique presents.

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