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07 Jan 2010, 20:44
Michael Swaine (69 posts)

According to Arthur C. Clarke and/or Peter Hyams, this is the year we make contact. If you’ve been reading PragPub and have some thoughts on how to improve it in 2010, this would be a good place to share them.

The January issue contains articles by James Duncan Davidson, Paolo Perrotta, Marcus Zarra, and Jorge Aranda, along with columns from Andy Lester, Daniel Steinberg, John Shade, and me.

01 Feb 2010, 19:07
Benjamin Fleischer (1 post)

re: Andy Lester’s NY Resolutions I find that my sense of contentment rests on having a combination of hope for a brighter future, a reasonable plan for getting there, and and reasonable standards in what I consider success at any given stage.

Let’s say I hope and plan on having my dream job by the end of this year. But, by relying on an idea of ‘dream job’, I am setting myself up for disappointment. My standards are too high and not well-enough defined. I would better serve myself by making a goal that is more specific and attainable. For example, I may decide that my goal is to have a new job or be in a more marketable place through developing my Ruby on Rails skills and getting involved in my local community. And so forth.

I may then say, that I would prefer a place that is more challenging, more social, has more room for creativity, and is good for my career, at an acceptable salary increase. But of these wishes, how much can I ‘settle for’ or achieve and still be happy? Setting reasonable goals and standards is key to feeling content about my progress.

Lastly, the well-known axiom “How does a project get behind? One day at a time” has a reverse corollary– that I should try to make regular progress towards my goal before time slips away, one day at a time.

Note: This applies to any kind of goal, not just vocational goals. Having reasonable standards is the key.

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