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09 May 2010, 07:53
Martin B (2 posts)

I really liked the Article Touching the Core” That’s the way Apples developer documentation should be.

As I was unable to find NSFetchedResultsController in the Mac API, the abstract probably could lead to misunderstandings. “… NSFetchedResultsController, a powerful new class in the Core Data API that can make your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac apps significantly richer.”

Still how would you accomplish the same task with a NSTableView and a custom table data source delivering core data objects. (If the obvious way with bindings does not work) Using a NSArrayController and observing arrangedObjects (and relevant attributes) for changes in the custom data source? Observing NSManagedObjectContextObjectsDidChangeNotification in the Datasource?

Or changing the application design to do the custom processing somewhere else if possible?

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