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18 Feb 2011, 11:15
Tom Corcoran (2 posts)

Good to read the 10 year follow up from some of the Agile Manifesto authors, In addition it’s worth noting that Coplien/Cockburn have suggested some word changes to the manifesto (in bold):

Agile Manifesto * Individuals and interactions over processes and tools * Usable software over comprehensive documentation * End User collaboration over contract negotiation * Responding to change over following a plan

Jim Coplien: If I were to do a new edition of the Agile manifesto, I’d change “working software” to usable software” and I’d change “customer” to end user” and a few other changes in that regard. This is a bug in the Agile manifesto. I saw a posting in fact from Alistair Coburn, who as we know, was very instrumental in the manifesto and he said the same thing. He says “We blew it. We missed this issue of the usability of the software.” coplien-dci-architecture

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