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06 Apr 2011, 20:20
Jeff Langr (24 posts)

Ok, lame. The last code in the April PragPub article, “Test Abstraction,” introduces a nicely-named constant, but I forgot to change the rest of the code to use it. The first test in the last code listing thus should read:

static String INVALID_FOO_VALUE = "200";

public void testActionValidationReportsFieldErrors() {
   ActionProxy proxy = createActionProxy(
      createExtraContextWithParameters("foo", INVALID_FOO_VALUE));


   assertTrue(((ValidationAware) proxy.getAction()).hasFieldErrors());
08 Apr 2011, 10:49
Henrik Warne (1 post)

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for an excellent article!

I noticed the missing constant too (that’s why I ended up in this forum). Good that you posted the correction. It would be even better if the actual article (HTML, pdf etc) was updated.

08 Apr 2011, 21:44
Jeff Langr (24 posts)

Many thanks Henrik! I hit up my article editor but I don’t think it’s easy enough.

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