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06 Apr 2011, 22:37
John Beale (1 post)

Thank you for your useful article on more advanced Arduino programming, at

I just wanted to make a correction in one detail. The article says, “…For our PDC I’ve chosen the SHARP GP2Y0A21YK0F infrared proximity sensor, because it’s much cheaper than most ultrasonic sensors. The sensor emits infrared light and measures the time it takes for the reflected light to get back to the sensor”

but in fact, that sensor uses triangulation (imaging the reflected IR spot onto a position-sensitive detector; which is a simple one-dimensional sensor array).

You can do time-of-flight measurement for distance, but it is expensive due to the high-speed modulated laser and fast detector required.

07 Apr 2011, 05:17
Maik Schmidt (122 posts)

Hi John!

Your’re right! Thanks for clarifying!

Cheers, Maik

08 May 2011, 14:07
Alan Burlison (1 post)

Hi Maik, glad you found my Makefile.master useful :-) I’ve updated it since you grabbed a copy, with some bugfixes and some improvements. A list of the changes and a link to the new version is on my blog at

09 May 2011, 06:24
Maik Schmidt (122 posts)

Thank you very much, Alan!!

Your latest improvements are very useful! I cannot remember when I’ve started the IDE for the last time :-)

12 May 2012, 12:32
Rei Vilo (1 post)

Great article! Thanks for sharing it.

I’d like to add another reason for choosing a more “Serious Developer Tools” as you rightly describe them.

I’m currently using different platforms —Arduino, chipKIT Uno32, ultra-low-power LaunchPad, Wiring and soon Maple—, and I’m tired of having one IDE per platform, which only difference is the colour —blue, dark red, light red, orange and green.

So I’ve developed a set of makefiles I could use with any IDE, in my case, Xcode because I own a MacBook. I also tested it on NetBeans.

This makefile-based approach is based on the assumption that the claim “ Writing a sketch is not programming “ is just fairy tale. I’m confident that considering a sketch as plain C++ code could ease development, with no hidden “ dirty work “ done below.

I’m working closely with Hernando Barragán from Wiring to promote this idea.

If you’re using a Mac computer or just for fun, pay a visit to to learn more!

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