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21 Jun 2011, 09:25
Mohan Radhakrishnan (1 post)

I read the article “Getting Past Agile Advanced Beginner” but this is about introducing agile practices to an organization that is hopelessly steeped in the traditional command and control methodology. In fact this is only one of the many problems we face in the offshore industry that does not seem to have the nerve to be agile for all the reasons mentioned in the article. Even though I am aware that the earlier the testers pick up the build the better it is, I am also thinking about the other practices required to support this. It is a cultural shift. Isn’t it ?

Some of the bad practices are

Abuse of the bug tracker

This tool is probably the most abused in many firms. People actually attach bugs to individual persons and ridicule them. Testers tend to post bugs without undestanding how to test sofware. The testing police concept creates an abusive relationship between the developers and testers.

Abuse of the use case

Actually I believe that instead of writing and abusing use cases we can go ahead and write acceptance test cases directly. The point is that these use cases are considered frozen. Business rules are hopelessly intertwined with use cases and testers go mad.

Abuse of the test case

All the different types of diagrams or FIT tables are ignored and test cases are either excel or word documents. I consider this practice to be the worst fundamental flaw.

Regression test suite

This is not at all used. What is the reason ? Lack of time. The problem is that unit tests are considered tests and not a way to design better code. How many times can a human tester click on links and test the same thing again and again.

All of these reasons make people disrespect software development. Software is considered a worthless pursuit.

Are there advices to introduce agility to such firms mired in these problems ?

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