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24 Jun 2011, 00:38
Daniel Hinz (2 posts)
   I keep reading about pairing and have always been frustrated not by the desire to do it but by the technology getting in the way. My most recent work situation was for a large company with multiple 5 to 7 person teams. The issue was that over the years different developers adopted different tools. Some used vi, some vim, some emacs, some TextMate, some InteliJ, and some Eclipse. Since most of these tools are configurable (and I remember a time when we were taught to modify our environment for our own productivity) we now find that the environment on each workstation is different from every other.

  That makes passing the keyboard a nightmare. Each time I want to drive I spend all my time asking how do I get this or that to happen. Each developer's setup it is by now totally ingrained under their fingers and nobody is up for relearning a new environment just so they can pair.

  In your experience how do you get by this barrier?
24 Aug 2011, 01:57
Tim Ottinger (6 posts)

In your case, they cling to their environment and so reject pairing. We tend to give up environment for the sake of pairing. Even so, I’ve paired in a number of environments and key bindings and I know your pain. Even switching between bindings in an IDE is rough enough.

Are there two that everyone can agree on? One?

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