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07 Jul 2011, 22:11
Michael Stanley (1 post)

I like to keep all issues of PragPub on my Kindle and I have them all together in a collection. However, beginning with the June issue, it will no longer allow me to add the issues to any collection. The menu has the “Add to Collection…” item greyed out. I have tried re-downloading each issue and also re-copying it across. Has something changed with the way PragPub generates the Kindle files?

My Kindle is a version 3 with WiFi (no 3G).

09 Jul 2011, 17:49
Chris Rimmer (2 posts)

Yes, I’m seeing this too. Are the PragPub issues now marked as being a periodical? There’s mention of this in the Kindle Help pages at Amazon:

08 Aug 2011, 19:11
A Palmowski (1 post)

I am having the same issue.

The Amazon help suggests that all the magazines should appear as a single item, which would be fine. However, each edition appears as a separate book on the home screen, which gets in the way.

09 Aug 2011, 16:57
Rogelio Domínguez Hernández (1 post)

Mobi2Mobi GUI could be helpful to change the type of the book to BOOK so that you could add it to collections…

25 Aug 2011, 06:06
Kan-Ru Chen (1 post)

I found the solution: change the periodical title to the same, like “PragPub Magazine”, then kindle will recognize them as the same periodicals. Older issues will then be put into back issues.

For example I use calibre to do this:

ebook-meta -t 'PragPub Magazine'
21 Sep 2011, 01:28
Jason Alexander (1 post)

I’ll try Kam-Ru Chen’s idea. Stinks the all show up as periodicals but avoid getting moved to back issues. Either the old style, that treated it like a book or tricking it to use back issues is ok with me. I don’t like the way it’s working now.

12 Dec 2011, 18:14
Gwen Jenkins (4 posts)

If you can use Whispernet, try emailing the file to your Kindle account at instead of transferring it manually. I found that when saved to the Kindle as a storage device, the files couldn’t be “collected” (is this true of personal documents generally?) but when they came through Amazon they acted like regular books.

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12 Feb 2012, 13:32
Paul Pladijs (24 posts)

I have a similar issue. I wrote an email (but got no answer, probably sent to the wrong guy) see below.

I always enjoy reading the PragPub magazine on my Kindle 3 (with keyboard). Thanks for this availability.

All my downloaded PragPub magazines get stored in a separate collection (called PragPub). However since around the 2011 July edition of PragPub this is not possible anymore (I’m not 100% sure about the date). While trying to add books to any collection, the younger magazines (like Oct or Nov 2011) are not visible in the list of books to pick. But the older ones (like Feb 2011 or Apr 2011) can be added (or removed) to a collection without any problem.

It took me a while but I noticed a difference between the older and younger editions: the displayed name of latter contains a hash sign (#) in the title, for instance: PragPub 2011-11: Issue #29

While the older editions are just like: PragPub 2011-05

This might be bug in the Kindle software though it is unlikely that Amazon will do something about it. Assuming that the hash sign causes this behavior, is there any change that you would stop using that character in the title of PragPub?

This would be really handy because I like to keep my books organized into collections instead of letting them cluttering the home page. Especially the PragPub magazines are great to keep. I already have re-read some them because of the great articles.

I’m willing to help in anyway if possible.

Many thanks in advance, Paul.

04 Apr 2012, 16:33
Gwen Jenkins (4 posts)

Try mailing the file to your Kindle email and letting Amazon download it to the device, rather than porting it over yourself. Everything I put on my Kindle that way behaves like a book rather than a periodical, and can be added to multiple collections.

That’s something for Pragmatic to consider when trying to get the process automated: There seems to be a consensus that we don’t want the magazine to be limited to a single collection of issues.

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