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05 Aug 2011, 10:03
Aldo Giambelluca (4 posts)

Hello world, first I want to thank you for your magazine, it’s really interesting.

Here the problem: I have an Asus Eee Reader DR-900, I’ve upgraded the firmware to the last version but I still have problems with your ePubs. Open an ePub is sloooowwww and often the reader crash and I can’t read a single article (I’ve tried with issue #1, #2, #6, and the july 2011 issue).

I know probably the DR-900’s firmware is not rock solid but I’ve seen there are some validation 1 problems in your ePubs (I’ve tried just for the issue #1) and maybe these errors cause the crashes.

It would be good to read your magazine without these problems, maybe others have similar problems.

PS: I will happily test your Magazine’s ePubs on my DR-900 if you need help.

09 Aug 2011, 05:28
Aldo Giambelluca (4 posts)

I’ve investigated further and I’ve tried to edit the ePub with SIGIL 1 but also removing all the validation problems the ePub make my reader crash :(.

It’s like when loading the ePub, at a certain point about the end it finds some problem.

Is there anybody out there with an Asus Eee Reader DR-900? Do you read the magazine’s numbers without problems?

10 Aug 2011, 11:19
Aldo Giambelluca (4 posts)

UPDATE I don’t know how but now I’m able to read without problems all the numbers but the first (I’ve read it converting the HTML version in ePub with InstaPapar BTW). Maybe the DR-900’s firmware has problems with some ePubs. Loading a number the first time take ~6 minutes but it’s OK.

PS: I’ve bought my first Pragmatic book, “Agile Web Development with Rails (4th edition)” using the AGILEWEEK Promotion :). It’s loading now, I hope without problems.

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