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02 Nov 2011, 16:11
Kaj bonfils (2 posts)

You integrated purchased books into my dropbox. How about automatically delivering the magazine to my dropbox when its published. And the direct messge me on twitter that it has been delivered…

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10 Jan 2012, 18:28
Colin Miller (5 posts)

Having PragPub dropbox integration would be very nice. I’m basically just giving this a +1. I tend to read it on my iPad which already has dropbox integration so that would be nice.

05 Feb 2012, 14:56
Darrell Bennington (2 posts)

Another +1 to this, just logged into the forums today for the sole purpose of suggesting this feature.

07 Feb 2012, 15:14
Dave Thomas (390 posts)

We’re talking with Dropbox about this—as it stands now, we’d have to send out thousands and thousands of copies of an identical file. We’re trying to see if they could implement some kind of broadcast facility.

08 Feb 2012, 11:09
Luca Corsini (6 posts)

great… hope you find a solution :)

21 May 2012, 05:50
Truls Unstad (6 posts)

I logged in to suggest this. I’m confident you’ll figure something out.

02 Jul 2012, 20:30
Luca Corsini (6 posts)

What about a shared folder? you could setup a dropbox account with a shared folder that we can subscribe? is it possible?

26 Jul 2012, 08:13
Dave Greenbrown (1 post)

Another +1. Sorry to be a broken record!

06 Aug 2012, 22:15
nnutter (1 post)

Dave Thomas, it looks like you can do it without having to copy the same file by using a copy_ref ( in copy (

09 Aug 2012, 01:11
Gil Wright (5 posts)

+1 as well.

10 Aug 2012, 19:10
Evan Jehu (1 post)

+1, this would be awesome =D

16 Aug 2012, 18:21
Ivan R. Judson (1 post)

+1; this would be awesome

26 Jun 2014, 12:34
Gina Lizoto (1 post)

Find a solution. :)

12 Mar 2015, 22:39
Sophie London (1 post)

+1, this would be awesome =D

22 Aug 2015, 11:18
Sebastian Larsson (1 post)


Why not just share a pragpub dropbox folder with subscribers? That would mean no duplicate files.¨

Or if its possible to send a link to the new pragpub issue.

I would be ok if you could just have a “send to kindle” menu choice in your apps.

Or maybe… you could just make pragpub possible to buy through amazon and let them deal with shipping new issues.

I just think that you should already have this in place - I mean I can just download, insert kindle and transfer manually, but I wont do that. Edit: Sorry I dont even understand how to log in and download issues from your website. I dont even think it is possible…

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