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04 Apr 2012, 07:07
Dania (1 post)

I have completed chapter 3. On the unit 3.7 i got stuck. my sudoku is going well but i did not get into menu option. Since i have done with the coding but when i press and hold D-pad or track ball on my screen. I never get into menu. The same problem is happening in chapter 5, where it is suggested to press D-pad up, down, right and left to get audio sound. I failed to achieve this but when i do the same through buttons. It works fine. In summary i am not able to perform functions with physical buttons on the emulator. Kindly elaborate the reason behind it. Following is the log cat of sudoku.

[2012-04-04 11:55:52 - sudoko] —————————— [2012-04-04 11:55:52 - sudoko] Android Launch! [2012-04-04 11:55:52 - sudoko] adb is running normally. [2012-04-04 11:55:52 - sudoko] Performing org.sudoko.sudoko activity launch [2012-04-04 11:55:52 - sudoko] Automatic Target Mode: using existing emulator ‘emulator-5554’ running compatible AVD ‘em21’ [2012-04-04 11:55:52 - sudoko] WARNING: Application does not specify an API level requirement! [2012-04-04 11:55:52 - sudoko] Device API version is 7 (Android 2.1-update1) [2012-04-04 11:55:52 - sudoko] Uploading sudoko.apk onto device ‘emulator-5554’ [2012-04-04 11:55:53 - sudoko] Installing sudoko.apk… [2012-04-04 11:56:02 - sudoko] Success! [2012-04-04 11:56:02 - sudoko] Starting activity org.sudoko.sudoko on device emulator-5554