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06 Mar 2012, 10:53
Axl Mattheus (4 posts)


I see in your introduction that the pages are to be read side by side for each topic. In the pdf I have however, each topic starts on the right hand page and I have to turn the page to see the rest of the topic.

I tried the side-by-side and side-by-side-continuous views with my Acrobat reader but cannot fix this. Is this how the pdf was generated?



06 Mar 2012, 20:08
Axl Mattheus (4 posts)

Just removed the offending page (p19) to restore the balance with PDF-shuffler. Thanks Linux!

25 Nov 2012, 18:10
Wayne Stidolph (2 posts)

I had to do that, too - for Adobe Reader on Windows. But for ezPDF Reader on my Nexus 10 (yippee! for dual-page mode!) the original file is aligned properly, and the one with a page redacted is offset; so, it’s somehow reader-related?

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