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11 Oct 2012, 19:23
Brian Tarbox (18 posts)

I’m migrating an existing svn project to git and am having trouble with the basic setup. I’m wanting a central origin (which will be backed up) and our small set of developers will each have a local repo.

I tried created the local and origin repos, put the sources in the local repo, pointed the local’s remote to origin, and then pushed from the local to the origin but get an error about refusing to update the current branch in a non-bare repo.

Starting over, I deleted all the repos, created the origin, checked some files in and then cloned the repo in developer area. I made changed there, committed them, but when I went to push back to origin I got the same “can’t do that to a non-bare repo” error.

I’m not a dummy but git makes me feel like one! This seems like vanilla stuff…I’m sure I’m missing something obvious (but it isn’t obvious yet!) Any help is appreciated.

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