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25 Aug 2010, 15:38
Alex Spurling (2 posts)

Does this book discuss how to use git with SVN using git-svn?

25 Aug 2010, 16:21
Travis Swicegood (56 posts)

Hi Alex;

Yes, it does. There is a task devoted to the topic though that gives you everything you need to get started down the right path with it. There’s not a ton of material on the subject, just the one task, but it covers all of the main pieces you need to get going with Git+SVN and the rest of the book fills in all of the Git specific pieces.


04 May 2012, 15:40
Tonio Caputo (1 post)


Just trying to begin with GIT, I’m an experienced SVN (and CVS but already forgotten, and SCCS too old unix one) developer, not an expert.

So my 1st big idea, and I love GIT for this, is use it as a kind of “front-end” against my SVN repositories, so I can have a lot more flexibility (I love the branch way of working very hard in SVN) and commit to SVN when changes are done.

After doing some basic training with local git repository, changes/updates/branches and so, I said lets go to SVN

So I decided to use, a kind of dummy SVN repository we used for tests, dummy prototypes and so, this repository doesn’t have tag/branches/trunk just the project names.

As you probably guess if I follow your description I inmediately get stucked with nothing in my working tree no master branch and so.

Oh I told myself, lets try with a standard SVN config, projectName with branches/tags/trunk in it, same result

So of course after digging a little I was able to solve it using -T flag.

So my big question: Any plans updating this section, I mean just making a really working sample ?

For now, just begining to deal with git branches, and see how they work against SVN updates, I’ll like if necessary just a couple of comments about this, perhaps something like GIT branches totally transparent against SVN, or may be: Always use master branch when dealing against SVN changes, or whatever needs to be said.

I guess the scenario I described (git with SVN), is very common inside organizations which probably will take a lot to discard SVN as the main repository, so I guess some extra comments on this section will be welcome for all of us (stucked with SVN).

Thanks in advance tonio

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