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24 May 2011, 22:28
Ron Green (4 posts)

Does this cover Test::Unit or MiniTest or either

25 May 2011, 08:02
Danny O Cuiv (7 posts)

From page 16 of the print edition:

bq. For its part, Rails smooths out the difference between minitest and Test::Unit 1.3 and adds its own features on top of both. For our purposes, we don’t need to worry about the difference, and to minimize confusion (too late?), I’ll continue to refer to that library as Test::Unit. Since I’m boldly assuming you are writing a Rails application, I’m not going to sweat the difference between what’s in Rails and what’s in Test::Unit. Test::Unit 2.0 doesn’t seem to have much of a constituency at the moment, so I’m going to ignore it.