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06 Nov 2009, 04:11
jack dempsey (1 post)

Hi all,

I’ve recently enjoyed learning about and trying to implement the Pomodoro technique. I’ve gotten a lot out of it so far, but find one thing a bit lacking: several times I’ve wanted to just see the process laid out end to end. I’ve had to piece it together myself a bit more than I would have liked. For example, one section talks about the Activity Sheet, while another mentions rating/estimating how many pomodori’s are needed for each activity. Then at other points I’m at a bit of a loss for when to do certain things and how it all fits together big picture.

I can imagine a simple “day in the life of cucumber” that chronicles an average day and the steps taken.

  1. Wrote out new activity sheet because old was gnarly.
  2. Wrote out to do today items
  3. etc
  4. didn’t finish all of them so they go…anywhere? 4a. crossed off items I did complete on the activity sheet.

and so on.

I saw another commenter mention the original text of the inventor–perhaps I’ll take a look at that as well. I’m sure it’ll help, just tossing out some ideas for this current effort.

Thanks for the great work!


06 Dec 2009, 19:11
Piemaker (2 posts)

I second that request

13 Jan 2011, 10:24
Jan Tomka (1 post)

When I started using the technique, I also felt like there was just not enough information out there. I love Pomodoro Technique Illustrated, but The Pomodoro Technique which is supposed to be the ultimate source of information on the technique feels a bit incomplete, written by somebody who has mastered the technique years ago and who doesn’t remember what it is like starting with it.

There are still many questions I have about the technique, but that hasn’t stopped me from using it. Actually, after only a week or so, I was so excited about it that I used it to write a couple of articles about it, using it in the process. :-)

One of them, which you could perhaps find useful, deals with an average day during my first week using the technique: It’s not complete either, but feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to answer them.

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