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28 Nov 2009, 05:51
John Brewer (7 posts)

Does anyone have a good source for a Pomodoro timer? The one on Amazon has some bad reviews.

04 Dec 2009, 08:30
Staffan Nöteberg (8 posts)

When it comes to mechanical kitchen timers, my personal favorite is Bengt Ek Design:

  • Aluminium (atomic number 13) is more solid than plastic
  • These timers always ring, even if you wind them up for a short period
  • 25 minutes is 25 minutes - not approximately 25 minutes +- 3 minutes

They have functional and design quality in combination.

Best // Staffan

07 Dec 2009, 21:32
Michael Penrow (4 posts)

I’m using the PomodoroPro iPhone application. It like it because I have my headphones on listening to the iPhone already while working. So the timer ringing bothers nobody else. It does cost $2.99. But I feel it is work the price.

Michael Penrow

11 Dec 2009, 08:24
John Brewer (7 posts)

I got the Pomodoro time from Amazon. It’s fine, but like all other mechanical timers I’ve checked, rings continuously for about a second. Anyone know of a mechanical timer that rings with a single chime?

I’m especially looking for a mechanical timer, as I like the kinesthetic feel of winding it, as well as the ticking sound in the background during the Pomodoro.

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16 Dec 2009, 22:30
Colin Miller (3 posts)

If you have a mac, this application is perfect as a pomodoro timer:

It has the option of sounds, custom messages, custom scripts, and easy keyboard shortcuts.

27 Dec 2009, 20:08
Heiko Folkerts (1 post)

Does anyone know of a windows application for pomodoro with good keyboard support? I don’t want to distract my collegue when running pomodoros.

26 May 2010, 12:51
Lachlan Scott (16 posts)

I’m using both the PomodoroPro app and have ordered a Bengt Ek mechanical from the Uk - thanks for that tip, Steffan!

But ‘never leave well enough alone’ is my motto, and assuming others here are also programers; would any such care to collaborate with me on a Mac/iPhone/iPad Pomodoro timer?

I envisage stealing all the best features of whichever we like; overcoming their shortcomings, and generally implementing design so cool, so elegant, so superbly understated that Jonathan Ives himself will want to meet us in person. (Which would certainly make my day :-).

I could commit to 5 Pomodori per week. :-
08 Jun 2010, 13:16
Lachlan Scott (16 posts)

I took delivery of my Bengt Ek Design kitchen timer at Staffan’s suggestion. My, is that a fine thing! Highly recommended.

08 Jun 2010, 13:22
Lachlan Scott (16 posts)


I finished reading your book; thank you very much. It’s the first book I’ve read from beginning to end as an eBook!

I’m following your instructions quite closely every day, but I feel I could use a more comprehensive list of steps to work with. I’m struggling to make sense of my annotations and wonder if you have a list of instructions that are more detailed, or that might accompany your nice summary drawing at the end of the book?

Many thanks again for writing it.

08 Jun 2010, 13:54
Staffan Nöteberg (8 posts)

Hi Lachlan,

Yes, Bengt Ek Design is great! :-)

I’m not sure that I understand what kind of instruction list you’re looking for. Do you mean like a cheat sheet in one page?

11 Jun 2010, 02:26
Lachlan Scott (16 posts)

Hi Staffan Yes, a summary list of the steps you describe in detail through the book would be really useful. I’m fairly clear about the way to do each individual thing, but not very clear about the whole picture. Also, it isn’t clear to me how to manage things like generally taking care of business. For example, I might need to call a utility company, and that call might take 5 or 35 minutes. Then again, I might need to write email replies to clients or agents, and each could take a few minutes or quite a long time, but that might also depend upon how focussed I can be with the task. So currently, I have these in my big list and just allocate a number of Pomodoros to tackling that list, and choose which is the most important using the ‘priority tournament’ system you describe. This seems ok, but a bit haphazard.

11 Jun 2010, 06:19
Staffan Nöteberg (8 posts)

Thanks for the feedback, Lachlan. I see what you mean and I will definitively consider that for the next edition.

25 Jul 2010, 13:20
John W. (1 post)

Check out GTD Timer by Productivity Scientific:

Screen shots included here:

This utility has everything you need to implement the Pomodoro Technique; to name just a few features: configurable presets for a pomodoro session as well as breaks, message pop-ups, choice of alarm and repeatable “ticker” sound files (if desired), and much more. The application minimizes to your task bar, complete with context menu, displaying the timer countdown/stopwatch.

15 Nov 2010, 16:10
pratik desai (2 posts)

I recently created a web-based app at

check it out if it helps..

18 May 2012, 23:39
Baris Sarer (1 post)

I use my iPad app It’s Pomodoro Time!. It is a Pomodoro Timer with adjustable time settings + keeps your personal history. Universal version will be out in the iTunes store soon.

17 Dec 2012, 16:33
Andy M (1 post)

Someone above asked for a good windows app for this. I’ve been using an app called ‘Tomato Time’, seems pretty good.

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