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19 Dec 2009, 18:40
Piemaker (2 posts)

I sent the attached text to Staffan by email. My questions may be of interest to other readers of the book as well. This is the reason for me, to post my thoughts to the forum. Maybe some more experienced users could share there thoughts?

……… Email attached below this line …………..


I just finished reading your book. Thanks for sharing your experience, I really like your writing style, it was a nice read.

I have not yet started using the PT but I am eager to do so soon. Your idea of making the activity list a set of index cards for each task instead of using a single list with all tasks touched a nerve in me. I want to give this a try. Two questions arise:

  1. Shall I nevertheless begin with the plain untweaked pomodoro technique and thus not use the index cards for the first two weeks?

  2. What do think about using index cards with different colours? These could be colour coded for my different hats/roles. Example:

    • yellow: Client related tasks
    • green: private tasks
    • red: Wife and family
    • blue: Office organization

Would that become too complicated or interfere somehow with the principles of the PT?


24 Dec 2009, 16:33
Staffan Nöteberg (8 posts)

And this was my humble response… :-)

I think both your adaptions could be good ones, but if I were you I would stick to the original for at least two weeks – to better feel the pros and cons. It’s very easy to overdesign a process upfront.

What I maybe would do from day One is to just strip down the process, eg not estimate tasks.

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