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01 Dec 2011, 16:10
Shai Levit (4 posts)

I am working on this application that uses storyboard (iOS5) and starts with a TabBar View Controller, that segues to a Table View Controller. This Table has a custom Table View Cell and this custom cell hold a Scroll View Controller. The application works fine, except I cannot figure out creating a UIGesture Recognizer, that once a thumbnail is tapped, a more detailed image is pushed to another View Controller.

The structure of the application is a set of images that reside in each of the Table View cells. So you can scroll through images horizontally and you can scroll the table vertically, whereby each table cell hold an array of images in their respective scroll view. My thought was to create a gesture recognizer delegate and pass this up the chain from where I created the thumbnail views. But Somehow that does not seem to function fully.

Any ideas appreciated.

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