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24 Apr 2012, 22:54
Ersin Er (4 posts)

First class support for Google Drive would be great!

25 Apr 2012, 21:56
Dave Thomas (396 posts)

Is it possible? My reading of the API implies it only works if you downloads apps from their Store. I don’t think out gerbils would qualify

07 Jun 2012, 12:12
Sami Haahtinen (1 post)

To my understanding an app is only required if you want to interact with the drive ui. Simple file operations should work just fine without any apps installed.

The Drive SDK itself is aimed towards web apps, while the Document List API is the one you want to use server side.

16 Apr 2014, 17:27
Marcus Brito (8 posts)

Same here. Any reason it can’t be done?

11 Jun 2014, 07:28
Frank Brown (3 posts)

hope to see that too!

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