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17 May 2012, 04:26
Aleksey Gureiev (11 posts)

Hi, I was wondering if I’m missing something about beta-books. Every now and then I receive update notifications like “Standardize the markup for Normal mode keystrokes” and totally don’t know where to look for updates. At this point I read through the most chapters and totally at a loss.

For me, it’s a hard decision whether to get a beta book and have this frustration again at some point, or give it up and wait for the release. I’m not a writer and don’t have time to toy with the book. If I’m accessing it in beta state, I would love to quickly see the changes in the text and move on instead of visually diffing two copies side by side every time (don’t want to re-read it again when released).

Hope I’m missing some “highlight changes” switch or something of sorts everyone else uses! :)


25 May 2012, 22:16
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

Hi Aleksey,

Very helpful feedback here - thank you! We’ll work on improving our updates so that they specify chapter or section titles - that should help make it much easier to scan the update emails and change entries to figure out what actually changed.

Thanks again! Susannah

07 Sep 2012, 08:25
Dumitru Radu (1 post)

Thanks for this post!

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