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30 Oct 2012, 14:10
Santiago Molina (1 post)

In the last 2 years I’ve tried several times starting learning haskell but always one the main difficulties I see is the lack of a good development environment or at least a good set of instructions in order to setup an appropriate workbench (including Windows enviroments). Until we reach that point I find it difficult for those beautiful languages/platforms to succeed. Any recommendation, am I missing something?

21 Nov 2012, 16:22
paul callaghan (14 posts)


I sympathise - tools could be better, especially for beginners. Sadly it wasn’t high on the agenda for many of the research groups, and not yet on the radar for enough companies.

You might find something on the haskell or haskell-cafe mailing lists about recent developments. It looks like one of the main commercial FP companies is putting serious money into an IDE now.


21 Nov 2012, 16:49
paul callaghan (14 posts)

And in a timely fashion, this:

  • several discussions on issues, with the main doc at
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