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Joshuas logo_pragsmall
12 Aug 2014, 17:33
Atliss Budder (3 posts)

so im doing the solar-system project from 3d game programing for kids, and ice randomly locks-up. anyone know how to fix it?

(i tried

27 Aug 2014, 19:51
Chris Strom (274 posts)

So sorry I didn’t reply sooner. You need to post questions for this book in the 3D Game Programming for Kids forum: I do my best to answer questions posted the in less than 24 hours.

To answer this question, I will need to have a look at the code that you are using. You either need to share the link from the “Share” menu option or paste the entire code in here. If you paste the code, be sure to use the “code snippets” format:

 < paste your code between the three tilde (~) lines... >

You can reply here. I’ll monitor this topic, but please be sure to post any future questions in the book forum. I promise to answer much quicker!

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