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Robert andrews_pragsmall
01 Jul 2015, 18:50
Brad Andrews (1 post)

Why are the eBook prices so high, especially for books that are several years old?

I have found myself picking up many tech books I might like to read, but the pricing on these makes it unlikely unless I have a direct need.

A $10 price makes it much more likely I will buy it and keep it on the eShelf, since I am not wasting too much if I don’t read it at all.

28 Jul 2015, 14:54
Dave Thomas (396 posts)


A good question.

The cost of a paper book is not the printing—typically this is a few dollars. The cost is the author’s time to create the book, and the time spent by our editors, copy editors, indexers, layout and support folks.

So the real question is—why are ebooks so much cheaper than paper books?

And the only answer I have to that is “market forces.” People perceive an ebook should be cheaper.

Having said that, perhaps we should investigate slowly reducing the paper and ebook pricing over time. If I remember correctly, the last time we looked at doing this, there were legal issues to do with distribution pricing vs. direct pricing, but let us see if that has changed.

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