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28 Aug 2015, 20:26
Michael Medin (1 post)


Just stumbled on to a rather strange site/page: http://www.(name removed) and wondered, is this really a legit site? Seems they offer a bit to much without any explanations so sounds a bit fishy right… But the site seems to be registered and hosted in the US and all that so…

Anyways, thought if anyone knows the publisher ought to know right…

// Michael Medin

28 Aug 2015, 20:13
Andrew Hunt (228 posts)

No, that is completely illegal. We are sending ninja gerbils in now.


02 Feb 2016, 11:08
Zak Ferdie (4 posts)

It looks illegal, yeah.

Pro tip: You can check the link with the “inurl” search operator. :D

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